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Mohammed Qasim Sainakh participates in the series “Dopamine” by Tiam Mostafa Qamar


The young artist, Mohammed Qasim Sainakh, is participating in the series “Dopamine”, starring Reem Mostafa and Tiam Mostafa Qamar, and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

During the work events, he embodies the personality of a university student, and downloads a dopamine application to follow the work events.

The events of the series revolve in a romantic social framework full of excitement and suspense, about the dangers of social media, where the term “dopamine” symbolizes the hormone of happiness, and the events deal with human feelings differently, by discussing the social world, and the extent of their impact on and affected by these feelings, and how they became Emotions arise on electronic applications.

The artist, Israa Rakha, also embodies during the work events the character of “Taleen”, a university student, and she enters into a love story with Tiam Mostafa Qamar, after which many unexpected events begin.

The series “Dopamine” consists of 15 episodes, starring Reem Mustafa, Muhammad Kilani, Basil Al-Zarro, Basant Shawky, Marwan Younes, Tiam Mustafa Qamar, Ahmed Bilal, Israa Rakha, Basant Al Sabqi, Halim Barakat, Muhammad Qasim, and a number of other young artists. It was written by Mohamed Galal, filmed and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz, and produced by Emline Ahmed Bilal and Iman Abu Al-Dahab.

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