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Musab Al- Hadhrami reveals the details of his short film “Rise of the Summit”

Musab Al- Hadhrami reveals the details of his short film "Rise of the Summit"


The young artist, Musab Al- Hadhrami, confirmed the start of filming the short film “Rise to the Top”, with the participation of a number of young people from the “Start Your Dream” initiative, which was recently launched by the Ministry of Culture.

Musab Al- Hadhrami revealed the details of the film, stressing that it revolves around the life story of a successful businessman, who lived a life of successive professional failures, which consequently affected his relationship with his wife, but with his insistence and desire to succeed for the sake of his son and himself, he decided to embark on a new journey.

The young artist added that he will play the role of a businessman who will get an opportunity in a stock exchange company, to receive training in it, and his successes will escalate after that to become one of the most successful businessmen and rise to the top after years of poverty.

Musab Al- Hadhrami expressed his hope that the film will succeed and be admired by the masses, in preparation for participating in local and Arab festivals.

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